Doctor Who Christmas Special Last Christmas

Sci-Fi Jubilee

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

Last Christmas

Review by Paul Bowler

[Contains Spoilers]

Doctor Who Last Christmas (7)

When the Doctor returns to whisk Clara Oswald away for an adventure on Christmas Day, the TARDIS materialises at the North Pole where the crew of an Ice Cap Polar Base are under attack from the sinister alien Kantrofarri. But how will the crew of the base react when the Doctor and Santa Claus arrive to help them? The Time Lord and Santa must join forces with the crew against the Kantrofarri. With the Doctor and Clara facing certain doom, can Santa bring the gift of salvation and still deliver everyone’s presents on time?

It’s Christmas Day at the North Pole, the world is in peril from a new alien menace, so who are you going to call? Well, as it happens, the Doctor and Santa Claus of course, as this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special: Last…

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