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Doctor Who Christmas Special Last Christmas

Sci-Fi Jubilee

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

Last Christmas

Review by Paul Bowler

[Contains Spoilers]

Doctor Who Last Christmas (7)

When the Doctor returns to whisk Clara Oswald away for an adventure on Christmas Day, the TARDIS materialises at the North Pole where the crew of an Ice Cap Polar Base are under attack from the sinister alien Kantrofarri. But how will the crew of the base react when the Doctor and Santa Claus arrive to help them? The Time Lord and Santa must join forces with the crew against the Kantrofarri. With the Doctor and Clara facing certain doom, can Santa bring the gift of salvation and still deliver everyone’s presents on time?

It’s Christmas Day at the North Pole, the world is in peril from a new alien menace, so who are you going to call? Well, as it happens, the Doctor and Santa Claus of course, as this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special: Last…

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How to choose the best Champagne and other fizz this Christmas

The Wine Wankers

If you’re anything like the Wine Wankers – you choose to step up your game at Christmas time.  In fact, my pet hate are relatives who skimp on wine.  And when it comes to bubbles, that means the good stuff.  Ah yes, the good stuff, what does that actually mean?  Sparkling wine falls into three distinct categories on Christmas day as far as I’m concerned.  For the toast, you’ll need the really good stuff.  And by that, I mean French Champagne.  My preferred staples from years of tasting are Charles Heidsieck, Veuve Clicquot or Lanson. And if you really want to impress, Perrier-Jouët, Billecart-Salmon and Bollinger.  Drink French all day if you can afford it, but if you’re like most, you’ll be looking for a quality Australian or New Zealand sparkling wine to supplement.  Look no further than Chandon or Jansz, which are often on…

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Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas (2014)

The Wine Wankers

wine wankers funny christmas wine image 1 It’s been almost a year since I posted the original “Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas” so after seeing loads of Christmas related wine and drinks images on our social media I thought I’d post a version for 2014. It’s a week out from the big day so it gives everyone a bit of time to absorb these images and to maybe get a smile or two out of them in the lead-up.

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The wonderful world of social media #wine

The Wine Wankers

The Wine Wankers as we appear on Instagram (click for more detail) The Wine Wankers as we appear on Instagram (click for a more detailed image)

It’s only been just over a year since we were encouraged by other bloggers to venture out into the wild world of Twitter. A brave move it was. We had no idea what we were in for. Initially it just seemed crazy. We couldn’t get our heads around it all and after a couple of weeks we almost threw in the towel. Lucky we didn’t give up because we’ve now got almost 120,000 people following us on Twitter. It’s still crazy but social media #wine works for us!

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Hat and Fat #139 – TAKE OUT

The Hat and Fat


Hey guys, this will be the last post for Hat and Fat until Thursday, February 5, 2015 for a much needed break.  With the holidays, a wedding anniversary and a bunch of other little things happening at the beginning of the year I just won’t have the time to devote to writing and drawing.

Also, just for a bit of insider information, I have two nuggets I’m willing to drop here.  First, when Hat and Fat comes back, I’m planning a complete overhaul of story, with new characters (well, character anyway) taking up main stage.  And, second, I’m also planning and plotting another comic that’s more action/adventure than Hat and Fat.

Well, that’s it for now folks.  Want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Most likely I’ll post something near Christmas to celebrate the holiday, but probably just a one-shot pinup.

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