Doctor Who Robot of Sherwood Review

Sci-Fi Jubilee

Robot of Sherwood

Review by Paul Bowler


Doctor Who Robin of Sherwood (1)

When the Doctor lets Clara choose what time and place she’d like to go to next, Clara decides that she wants to visit Sherwood Forest in the twelfth century and meet Robin Hood. Even though the Doctor claims there’s no such thing as old-fashioned heroes like Robin Hood, when the TARDIS finally arrives the first person they meet is… Robin Hood! The Doctor makes an alliance with Robin Hood and his Merry Men to thwart the evil schemes of the Sheriff of Nottingham. With all of Nottingham at risk, dark forces awakening from beyond the stars, and robot knights on the rampage, the Doctor must act quickly to discover who is actually real and who is fake – after all Robin Hood was a legend, a made up hero, he couldn’t possibly exist, or could he?

Robot of Sherwood, the third…

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