Hat and Fat #119 – VENGEANCE IS THEIRS

The Hat and Fat

Page 9Yeah, so that’s a cartoon me. My office does not look like that. In fact I work at the counter in our kitchen when I’m creating the comic. However, yes, my head is THAT disproportionate to my body (I gots me a big head!) and yes, my beard is that gray while the rest of my hair is dark brown. Who knows! Guess I’m a freak of nature.

I have to say I took this idea from the great Stephan Pastis. I really find the strips where his fictional characters interact with him are quite funny. Also, it is my kid’s birthday; he’s turning one on Sunday. Three days later my wife is leaving for Ethiopia to teach special education to impoverished students.

Isn’t she a gem? But that means I get left here with the two younguns’ for 10 days. I should probably take before pictures, cause I’m quite…

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