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Happy 1st birthday to us! :-)

The Wine Wankers

the best wine blog in the world by far Conrad, Neal and Ben… What, drinking beer? How ironic.

This morning when I logged into WordPress I saw a little trophy icon up on the message bar and, of course, I clicked to find out what it was for.  Who wouldn’t be curious as to why they earned a trophy?  And it was a little system generated “Happy Anniversary!”  Awwww, what a pleasant computer program!

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The 50+ most influential wine entities on social media

The Wine Wankers

How The Wine Wankers appear on Klout How The Wine Wankers appear on Klout

Over the last couple of months there has been a few “most influencial wine people on the Internet” type lists circulated.  They have been quite good indicators of wine related influence on the net, within the scope of what qualifies to make each list of course.  I’ll briefly go over two of these…

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Hat and Fat #119 – VENGEANCE IS THEIRS

The Hat and Fat

Page 9Yeah, so that’s a cartoon me. My office does not look like that. In fact I work at the counter in our kitchen when I’m creating the comic. However, yes, my head is THAT disproportionate to my body (I gots me a big head!) and yes, my beard is that gray while the rest of my hair is dark brown. Who knows! Guess I’m a freak of nature.

I have to say I took this idea from the great Stephan Pastis. I really find the strips where his fictional characters interact with him are quite funny. Also, it is my kid’s birthday; he’s turning one on Sunday. Three days later my wife is leaving for Ethiopia to teach special education to impoverished students.

Isn’t she a gem? But that means I get left here with the two younguns’ for 10 days. I should probably take before pictures, cause I’m quite…

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